Black Poly Cotton Kimono Gown

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Black Poly Cotton Kimono Gown


Poly Cotton Kimono Robe
Our gowns are made with an attached belt above the waist and a snap located near the chest to keep each client covered and secure. Each snap is highly durable and comes in a sleek, polished silver finish.
A salon essential, constructed at the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.

-Due to the unique dyeing process, no two products are ever the same.
-Each individual process involved in constructing this garment was perfected and rendered in Downtown Los Angeles.



Length: 38"
Width: 28"
Sleeve (From Shoulder): 17"

Length: 43"
Width: 29"
Sleeve (From Shoulder): 18"

Length: 46"
Width: 32"
Sleeve (From Shoulder): 20"

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